If you are a retail shop and would like to stock any of Granny’s Fudge’s please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to supply in small quantities or large quantities on a regular basis depending on what your requirements are. Granny’s Fudge Shop supplies many retailers with our fudge as it is a good add on product and is able to generate additional income for your business. We are also able to provide proper storage for the fudge and have a full return policy on all fudge that does not sell ensuring that there is no risk or loss to fudge that does not sell.



Granny’s Fudge Shop is also able to make large quantities of Gourmet Fudge for any type of function whether it be a wedding or a work function or a corporate requirement, Granny’s Fudge Shop is also able to make its fudge in different sizes and shapes depending on the requirement. Currently we are able to provide fudge in the shapes of hearts , diamonds , fudge cups as well as personalized names and will be extending this soon. Granny’s is also able to make Fudge in the shape of a rectangle cake  in over 70 flavours for birthdays or special occasions.


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